Tropical Fish

We offer a vast variety of tropical fish with great prices, including neon tetras, coloured widows, corydoras, bristlenose catfish, silver dollars, a dedicated discus tank, fresh water brown back crabs, over 40+ siamese fighting fish and much more!

Cold Water

We have one of the largest cichlid collections on the Sunshine Coast, offering both American and African Cichlids, a six foot tank for larger cichlids and over twenty smaller tanks for our vast range of cichlids which include frontosa, geophagus, blue dolphins, electric yellows, hongi, venustus, green terrors, brasiliensis, convicts and much more!

Our cold water range includes a vast array of goldfish and specialty goldfish including bubble eyes, pandas, ranchus, lionheads and more. Other cold water fish we stock include white clouds and paradise fish! Come down and see our wall of tanks full of fish for you to choose from.

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