Aquarium Plants

Plastic Plants

Plastic Plants are a great alternative to the real thing. Place larger aquarium plants and decorations toward the back and the sides of the tank so you can see your fish when they come out their hidy holes. Taller plants can hide heaters, air lines, and other unattractive objects in your tank that are necessary for the management of the tank. Decorating your aquarium with our plastic "life like" plants will make your fish more comfortable, it will protect them against other predatory fish and for your fry also. These are high quality life-like plastic plants that are only available from PETS 4 U!!

Live Plants

We stock over 30 types of fresh water plants in our 2x 6ft waterfall plant tank. A few of our plants include: Oxygen plant (elodea) Ambulia, java fern, amazon swords, duckweed and our rock and timber creations for all your aquascaping needs!


We can get almost any type of aquatic plants available.

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